We started working with Robert Nuese in 2008.  We have had 40 years of experience working with contractors and can assure you that we have never had a more careful, meticulous person doing work for us than Robert Nuese.  We can also state that our 10 kW photovoltaic “field” has performed flawlessly for more than 5 years.  We recommend Healdsburg Solar Electric without reservation.

Tom & Yvonne Mazzocco

In an industry that seems driven by salesmen, Healdsburg Solar and Robert Nuese are true technologists. They understand not just the reasons for going solar, but they listen, explain, and personally tailor each person's installation in a very customized way. A combination of engineering and art!

David Bohrman

We have worked with Robert for more than 10 years.  He installed our first system, maintained it, and then upgraded it.  Now we have 72 tracking panels interconnected with the grid.  Robert did the engineering, prepared and filed the papers, did the installation, worked with PG&E, and trained us in the workings of the system.  He did what he said he'd do.  On time and with no surprises.  

About five years ago one of the panels began to malfunction.  Robert diagnosed the problem, called the manufacturer, got a free panel replacement and did all the work to get it up and running within a very short time.  I didn't have to do anything.

In short, Robert is one of those people who believes in doing right by his customers.  I consider him to be a friend as well as a vendor.  I wouldn't use anybody else for my solar.

Michael McCune

Robert was exceptionally thorough in his analysis and worked long and hard to find the best location for our panels, which was not an easy task.  At one point I was ready to give up and Robert refused, working on his own time to solve the system siting problem in the most efficient way.  Now we have a great system that is saving us even more than we expected.  Robert was a pleasure to work with throughout the process - he is very responsive and explains everything in great detail.  In our case, because of the distance between our panels and the house, he installed a long-distance communication link between the two so we would be able to remotely monitor the system, something that was well beyond the original scope.  Everything continues to work very well and we couldn't be happier.

John Rhodes

I love my very own "solar system".

Dr. Dorothy Buechy

Robert helped me with a very complex PV installation. I have a strong electrical background and had successfully built the off grid PV system for my winery, Kachina Vineyards, in Dry Creek Valley. When I was ready to build a bigger off grid system for my house, I again wanted to do the work myself, but I decided to hire a specialist to help make up the design, get the permit, help with all the paperwork, provide the equipment, and be available for consultation throughout the whole process. Robert was flexible, and happy to do these tasks and let me do the installation. He was excellent at defining the cost benefit analysis and sizing the system to meet our needs.  He did a good job at all these duties, and we ended up with a great PV system that works well.  I would definitely use him again for future systems.


Greg Chambers, Kachina Vineyards

Healdsburg Solar / Robert Nuese has installed multiple photovoltaic systems on my projects over the last 10 years. [505 PV modules, so far. R.N.] All the installations have been for the most part trouble free and if by chance a problem did arise Robert was on it with breakneck speed - solving the issue.  I consider myself to be exacting and very thorough with details.  To my mind, Robert's work is very meticulous, and the end result is a superior installation.

Steven Sheldon, Architect

I selected Robert to design and build our off-grid solar system in 2003.  The property has no way of connecting to the grid and I was building a fully functioning large residence with outbuildings on the site.  As an architect and construction manager, I was impressed with the detailed installation drawings and control wiring diagrams Robert produced.  It is important to me to fully understand how the system works.  Robert was very good at explaining and documenting everything.  Today, when I need to check something, I use the detailed instructions and labels he left on each piece of equipment to troubleshoot any problem.  Over the past dozen years, I have had no major problems with the system.


Greg Putnam, Architect

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